Perpetual Memorial Society

The Maryland State Council has developed a Perpetual Memorial Society to remember our lost Brothers, and others who have passed away.  When a Council, Assembly, or any brother wishes to honor a deceased person, he completes the Memorial form, found on the State Council website Perpetual Memorial Society page. 

The form, along with a donation of any amount, is forwarded to the State Perpetual Memorial Society chairman.  Upon receipt, the chairman enrolls the deceased in the Perpetual Memorial book, along with the name(s) of the donor.  He also sends a Mass card for the Perpetual Memorial to the next of kin.  A letter acknowledging the donation is sent to the donor.  The check is then submitted to the State Treasurer, to be deposited and used for the support of vocations.

The Perpetual Memorial Book, kept in duplicate, is carried in procession and laid upon the altar at all State Council masses.  Those enrolled are therefore prayed for and remembered at all State Masses.

The Perpetual Memorial Society is an excellent way to remember our deceased brothers and their families, while carrying out our mission to support vocations to the priesthood and religious life.