People with Special Needs Program

People with Special Needs Program 

(Tootsie Roll Program)

John Weaver
401 808-9013

John Strawbridge
443 848-3553

Program Awards/Recognition Awards
To be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places
For the highest Totals and highest Per Capita
In all 4 Council Divisions, A, B, C, and D

Based upon reports received by Dec 1, 2022

October (Sept & Nov when feasible)

  • Council Chairmen Enlist Council Volunteers
  • Provide Volunteers with Time Schedules
  • Coordinate Actual Collection Activities
  • Informs Volunteers of Intended Recipients Agencies
  • Count and Bank Money Collected
  • Promote Public Relations (PR) for the Program


  • Councils Turn-In Report Forms With Funds Collected
  • Submit Checks Payable to Maryland State Council
  • Note on Checks for People with Special Needs Program
  • Provide Names of Recipients Agencies and Breakdown
  • Indicate Dates of Presentations to the Agencies


  • MSC Processes Council’s Turn-Ins
  • Deducts Tootsie Roll costs and 5% for State Designated Agencies
  • Determines Council Designated Agencies’ Amounts
  • Prepares and Forwards Presentation Letters to GK


  • Fund Presentations
  • Councils Present Letters to the Recipient Agencies
  • Agencies Contact Maryland State Council for Checks
  • DD’s Follow-Up with Grand Knights and Recipients