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Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Parishes


Supreme Council Media and Resources


The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council provides Councils with several briefings, publications and information media to aid Councils in forming their Family, Youth and Church programs to execute the Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening our Parishesobjectives. Most of the information can be viewed at the Supreme Council's Building the Domestic Church website.

Supreme Council Training Presentation

o   This Power Point slide show was presented to State Deputies and State Council Officers and Program Directors.  Maryland State Deputy Steve Cohen invites Council Grand Knights and Council Officers and Program chairmen to use this briefing to help form discussions with Pastors, members of Parish Staffs and Parish Councils. Grand Knights and Council Lecturers are encouraged to present the slides at Social Meetings, Recruiting Drives and any other forums that Councils use to project the New Evangelization.


Supreme Council Presentation - Building the Domestic Church


(Power Point file includes briefing notes)


Supreme Council Web Links

     The Family Fully Alive

o   Family Fully Alive Booklet (downloadable pdf)

Council/ Parish Programs

o   Holy Family Prayer Program

o   Journey to the Inn

o   Consecration to the Holy Family

o   Renewal of Wedding Vows

o   Fifth Sunday Rosary




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